Friday, November 6, 2009


Mayor Rodrigo Alanano of Dauin, Negros Oriental said the twin spring in Barangay Baslay in the municipality is being developed to become a tourism destination in the province.

Alanano said they plan to construct an exclusive pool for senior citizens and for with persons with physical disabilities.

Gov. Emilio Macias II allocated some P5 million for the sheds and comfort rooms near the area, which has a boiling sulfuric spring and a natural cold water spring.

The spring is located downhill and has an estimated 300 steps, making it difficult for senior citizens who cannot sustain prolonged walking, Macias said.

Alanano said the pool will be constructed near the main road. The sulfuric hot water from the spring will be extracted through a water pump from the source to the pool.

The sulfuric hot spring is believed to have healing effects especially for skin diseases. The tourist site is fully accessible to all types of vehicle after the construction of the Barangay Bunga-Baslay road was completed.(PNA)

Thursday, November 5, 2009


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Lotto 3-Digit

Using Swertres play slip, mark with a vertical line your chosen 3-number combination in range of 000 to 999 in the play panel. You can also play the Lucky Pick (LP) if you do not have any number in mind.

Select the number of draws you want to play.

Mark the desired play amount on the AMT column. The minimum play amount is Php10.00 per 3-number combination.

The draw for the 3-digit game is done twice a day (mid-day and evening) in Visayas and Mindanao and once (evening) in Luzon, daily Monday to Sunday. Each draw involves the random selection of one (1) set of winning numbers which is in range of 000 to 999. If you get all 3 digits in exact order you win Php4,500.00 for every Php10.00 play.

The Rambolito Play

The Rambolito game is selecting a 3-digit number combination and the system will automatically permutate and generate all its possible combinations. If the selected 3-digit combination has no repeat digits, e.g.123, the number of combinations generated is six (6). If the selected 3-digit combination has two (2) repeat digits, e.g. 122, the number of combinations generated is three (3).

Lucky Pick is also allowed in the Rambolito game but there are no repeat digits.